Parents Partnership

Research shows that children are much more likely to reach their full potential when families and educators share the
same core values, exchange information regularly and collaborate on consistent approaches for child development and

Sparks provides parents with continuous

communication channels:

Progress through the curriculum is monitored in order to ensure that all children are learning and acquiring skills/concepts being taught. Teacher checklists are used to gauge each child’s  progress. Information from the checklists is reviewed by staff and used to guide instructional planning within the classroom. A Progress Report for each Sparker is compiled and shared with parents.

Health & safety

At Sparks, we uphold stringent safety, hygiene and health standards

Glass partitions throughout our facility ensuring transparency
at all times.

Our premise is fitted with hospital grade vinyl flooring which is an anti-bacterial, stain-resistant, anti-slip, inflammable flooring.

Our hygiene supervisor is present at SPARKS PRESCHOOL daily,
guiding and maintaining hygiene protocols.

Visual access to children:

Vinyl flooring:

Hygiene supervisor: