SPARKS is a safe and nurturing environment where difference of pace,
ability and aptitude are catered for. We work to foster each of our
Sparkers’ potentials; enhancing their individual capabilities,encouraging
their curiosity, building their self-esteem and broadening their overall
scope of experience.

At SPARKS, we place great emphasis on  stimulating and sustaining cognitive development through carefully researched and proven strategies. The various stages of cognitive development are addressed through a range of activities for the respective age groups.

Developing language skills in our Sparkers makes them better able to
communicate, engage and learn from those around them and later from
formal classroom instruction. At Sparks, we focus on speech and effective
listening as well as the basics of reading and writing.

We firmly believe that having good relationships with a range of people helps develop self-esteem and is very important for a person’s mental and psychological health. Therefore, we have dedicated a specialist whose sole role is to target life &; social needs for our Sparkers on a one-on-one basis.

Emotional skills are acquired through interaction with family members, caregivers, peers and educators. Sparkers are taught to recognize and express feelings and emotions in different situations and manage them in an appropriate manner. They will also be guided on how to recognize other people’s feelings and develop empathy and understanding.

The rapid physical development of a preschooler relies on many factors including changes in the child’s brain as well as gross/ fine motor skills and health. Our Sparkers are immersed in a world of structured physical
education and social interaction. They engage in activities that challenge and develop their physical abilities.


Through our health sessions Sparkers will learn basic health and safety
habits ranging from the right way to sneeze and cough to the correct intake of each food group and impact of sugar on body and teeth.

This can be one of the most creative times in your child’s life while their imagination is still in its early stages of development. Our Sparkers draw out their natural talents and expand their horizon by expressing ideas and exploring their world through dress-up, role play, art, movement, music and language.